Alaris law – Law firm in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Italy & New York. English-speaking lawyers in France.

Alaris Avocats is a medium-sized, international modern law firm with headquarters in Paris. We not only represent your legal interests as attorneys in Paris and France but stand at your side as long-term partners in France. Our attorneys in Paris, as well as the network of attorneys from our partner law firms, are bilingual or speak three languages or more (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian); therefore, we can advise our clients and contact partners in their native language.

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English-speaking attorneys in Paris.

Our clients include German, American, British and French medium-sized and larger companies as well as private clients. The main focus of our law office in Paris is to provide all-encompassing support to German- and English-speaking clients who require legal support in France. On the basis of our specialization in French and international law and a client base, which is mainly composed of non-French companies and private individuals from foreign countries, the vast majority of our English-speaking attorneys are admitted and employed as attorneys in Paris.

As an international law firm with a highly motivated and committed team of young and international attorneys, we strive to make legal consultations and attorney relationships new, modern, and above all centered on the client. From our point of view, it is also essential that our English-speaking attorneys in France can provide evidence of at least 10 years of professional experience before they are permitted to independently work on the affairs and dossiers of our clients in order to provide our clients with the best available legal and non-legal support.

Our goal is your success!

Commercial Contract in France

Distribution agreement France In France parties to a longstanding distribution agreement have to adapt the termination notice period, regardless of contractual provisions. Termination notice period in France after a long-term commercial relationship Regarding the termination notice period, French courts have determined that the ... Read more about Commercial Contract in France

Interim payment orders in France

Even in the presence of an arbitration clause or a clause granting exclusive jurisdiction to a foreign court, French courts can issue interim payment orders against a non-paying debtor. Exceptional jurisdiction of French courts to issue interim payment orders in the presence of an arbitration clause Under article 1449 of the French ... Read more about Interim payment orders in France

English-speaking attorneys in Paris.

Our consulting focus is mainly on French labor law, French construction law, as well as French commercial and business law. Of course, we also cover French contract law, French commercial agency law, foreclosures, French legal expert methods, commercial agent law, French bankruptcy law and any kind of litigation and lawsuits. We provide both legal advice as well as legal representation for our clients throughout the whole of France and before all French courts.

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